Feminine Embodiment Coaching

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When we weave new bonds between our minds and bodies, our ways of life can flourish again!

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Inhabit your body

Build systems for health

Regenerate through cycles

Us women are sooo amazing! But we usually don’t feel very comfortable allowing ourselves to realize and express that outloud.

And in fact, just by writing that „I wish we would express our femininity outloud„, makes me realize how that may make many of you cringe.

But let me explain…

I really believe that a deep grounded and well nurtured femininity will bring every woman:

deeply connected relationships,

-a strengthened sense of self and trust in life,

and more than enough to fulfill your dreams.

I write this with a lot of love and acknowledgement for your path, because I wish for you what I wished to have for so many years: an unbreakable trust that we can live a life where we love EVERYTHING that is right and „wrong“ with ourselves, but always in line with who we really are.

Everything you are and have experienced has a purpose.

And YOU are an ESSENTIAL PART of the bigger scheme of life.

Together we work with your:



Your mind holds all the sense you’ve made of your experiences. By feeding it with the most nurturing information possible, we guarantee that you build a reality that reflects such care.



Emotions are food for thought and the language of the body. When we care for your body’s emotional regulation, we are mothering the inner child that guides which kind of life you choose to experience.



Our existence transcends our minds and bodies. By realizing and feeling the deep interconnections with everything there is, we close the cycle that we are meant to witness in our lives.

so you can finally

Embody Your Feminine Essence!

Embody Your Feminine Essence!

A 3-month program that will help you change the way you experience life and give you the material results you desire through:



It is one of the basic human needs to feel safe. As a person, each and every single one of us is designed to grow and adapt to our circumstances. Adaptation is a natural strategy, which helps us to generate the well-being that safety provides for us.



Despite the times we’re living in, when it seems like we have the most chances to be connected with one another and everything around us, we might still feel lonely. This is due to the connection we crave to ourselves and to the meaning of life.



Thriving in life is an experience that is unique to every one of us. How we experience and describe the feeling of success can only be determined by our internal desires. Much like the fruit of a tree, success is the result of care, nurturing and time.

and find out how your Feminine Essence looks and feels like to you!

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uncover what’s been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from feeling abundant, loved and able to receive what you really want!
develop a powerful vision of what your most abundant, joyful and loving self looks like to you, in other words your feminine essence.
discover which habits are draining your ability to feel safe, abundant, connected and loved.
Get crystal clear on a step-by-step plan to embody that feminine essence in 90 days or less.