Women’s Circle-
Creative Hub Bremen

Welcome to a space in this country, where you’re welcome to be your real self!

22 €

Event location:
Creative Hub Bremen, Friedrich-Karl-Straße 54, 28205 Bremen

Details of the event

Welcome back to the safety of feeling your emotions and what your body wants to communicate to you. He has all the answers to your challenges.

With the help of somatic tools, we will move the stagnant energy in your body, to release emotional and mental blockages. All in a context of complicity and confidentiality, to discuss issues that are essential for us women.

My name is Maria, a Colombian living in Germany already for more than 8 years and Female Embodiment Coach. During the circle I will guide you with coaching methodologies based on calming the nervous system for your empowered action and conscious use of your feminine energies, while you connect with other expats that are looking for a place of community and deep connection, just like you!

Upcoming dates

Tuesday, june 18th from 6 to 8 pm: Self-expression in my new homeland

You have a dream, you get your visa ready to go and you finally take that long-awaited plane. You leave your family and home behind. You arrive in this new country and are greeted by a completely different world. A new language, perhaps another climate… and for sure, another culture. Hopefully you start learning the language, but at school, at work or at the university, they teach you just the minimum about how to deal with that other part of communication: what is said beyond the words.

Day after day you discover which gestures help you blend better within the community you live in, you learn to change your tone of voice, to use certain facial expressions instead of others and little by little your voice becomes a reflection of another person who you feel is not entirely who you were in your home country. This occurs as your body disciplines itself to bottle up so many things it would like to express. And the day comes where you wish you could communicate and express yourself with more people who truly understood you.

In this circle we will explore what it means to express ourselves authentically in this new place. Between conversations, embodiment and somatic exercises, music and self-love, we will discover how to let our essence out again, wherever we are.

Wednesday, july 24th from 6 to 8 pm: Available soon!

Saturday, august 10th from 4 to 6 pm: Available soon!

It’s time to stop… feel ourselves, our environment, each other and finally