Our Feminine Tribe

Women’s Circle-
Creative Hub Bremen

Welcome to a space where women unite to feel and support each other, no matter where we come from!

22 €

Event location:
Creative Hub Bremen, Friedrich-Karl-Straße 54, 28205 Bremen

Details of the event

Welcome back to the safety of feeling your emotions and what your body wants to communicate to you. He has all the answers to your challenges.

With the help of somatic tools, we will move the stagnant energy in your body, to release emotional and mental blockages. All in a context of complicity and confidentiality, to discuss issues that are essential for us women.

My name is Maria, a Colombian living in Germany already for more than 8 years and Female Embodiment Coach. During the circle I will guide you with coaching methodologies based on calming the nervous system for your empowered action and conscious use of your feminine energies, while you connect with other expats that are looking for a place of community and deep connection, just like you!

Upcoming dates

Wednesday, july 24th from 6 to 8 pm: My personal power (Part 1)

When we talk about personal power we are saying I CAN. That is, we are telling ourselves that WE CAN DO SOMETHING, while ACTUALLY FEELING THAT WE CAN ACHIEVE IT.

So why does it sometimes become so difficult for us to feel like we can achieve what we want?

Through an interactive meditation, we will strengthen in this circle the center of your personal power : Your solar plexus. As you allow yourself to feel the flow of your energy from and to this center, you will be able to redefine and balance your definition of power, so that your entire body is charged with this energy of CAPACITY and CAPABILITY.

Saturday, august 17th from 4 to 6 pm: My personal power (Part 2)

By this date we will be at the midpoint of summer, at which time the environment will have recharged us with the thermal energy of the sun. It is precisely this energy of the fire element that helps us activate the feeling of POWER that is stored in our third chakra.

While you may feel like that sensation has left your body, let me tell you that it is simply stagnant and needs to flow. And precisely to achieve this fluidity, we will resort to one of the most fun tools we have at our disposal: MOVEMENT AND DANCE.

You don’t have to be an expert to participate, much less KNOW how to dance. In this circle we will create all the trust necessary to feel our bodies move to the rhythm of music and to see each other once we are ready.

This may be one of the most fun circles of the year! Take the opportunity to enjoy it… are you in?

Stop… feel yourself, your environment, each other and join

our feminine tribe