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Embody Your Feminine Essence 90-Day Program

What does the Feminine Essence mean?

It means diving into the wisdom of who you already are with full acceptance of it. All while learning how your inner voice truly sounds, helping you become your own guide in life.

During the process of re-discovering yourself, you will be in a safe and nurturing environment, where we generate a deep connection to yourself and your intuition. From here on we will hold space for you to CREATE a life aligned to your unique and highest values.

Embody Your Feminine Essence

90-Day Program

Experience deep relationships

Be how you truly feel like

Do more of what you love

The key to allow transformation to happen, is to acknowledge how far you’ve come.

Some of the biggest transformations happen in the presence of stillness. Here, we will create the inner strength that stillness requires.

Let’s create systems for transformation that need nothing but allowing you to BE yourself

More about the program

This program is for you if…​
You feel physically, mentally or emotionally depleted by the circumstances in your life and you wish to make a change.
You wish to start and happily sustain REAL and long-lasting change.
You feel drawn to a holistic and alternative way of looking at your life and the world.
You feel in your heart that the way of living should be simpler and flowing soft, as nature does.
You desire to live from within and according to your inner compass.
You wish to make changes while feeling safe, seen, nurtured and led with love.
You long for a meaningful and regenerative life that feels aligned with your most internal desires.
Methods used
Use of the Habit Change Coaching Method (HCCM) to build systems that support transformation.
Holistic integration through a systemic approach.
Retrieval of subconscious information hidden in verbal and non-verbal language for recognition of patterns.
Embodiment practices for integration of blockages.
Relaxation techniques for deep insightful work.
Use and interpretation of symbolic language to dive into the core of situations.
Multi-level observation to connect sequences of feelings, emotions, thoughts and actions.

Happy Clients​

Your Investment

12 weekly sessions

During 90 days we will meet weekly for a total of 12 sessions, where you will be guided through a especially design framework for transformation called the „Habit Change Coaching Method“.

Constant support

You will be able to reach me via email and phone for clarifications, additional support or to celebrate achievements together in the times between sessions. You can rely on accountability and support!

Action steps

Throughout every session we will develop personalized and empowered action steps that are fun and light to take, so you can slowly but steady obtain the intentions you set for your program.

You will receive all of this

for a one time payment of 1111€
(Price includes taxes. Payment plans are available upon request).

The benefits of one-on-one holistic coaching during the Embody Your Feminine Essence 90-Day Program

If you would like to…

uncover what’s been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from feeling abundant, loved and able to receive what you really want!
develop a powerful vision of what your most abundant, joyful and loving self looks like to you, in other words your feminine essence.
discover which habits are draining your ability to feel safe, abundant, connected and loved.
Get crystal clear on a step-by-step plan to embody that feminine essence in 90 days or less.

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You will get a list of answers with client’s most asked questions, as well as the next steps to prepare for your session.

All in a safe and non-binding environment … The session is free!

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