— Program Description & Application

Your Authentic Life’s Manifestation 90-Day Program

Your Authentic Life’s Manifestation program is all about remembering who you already are!

This means that you already possess “authentic” feelings, emotions, beliefs and a sense of self…and by authentic I’m going for intuitive or simply flowing from your most aligned internal reality.

During the length of the program, we’re going to be working with questions such as “what do I feel?”, “what do I desire?”, “what am I capable of imagining?”, “what is my body and soul asking for?”, “are my BODIES in balance?”, “what is the sense of this path?” and “how may I translate all this wisdom into the practical and material world? (how do I MANIFEST?)”.

In this way, this program helps you to REMEMBER what you already believe in and are. By amplifying the energies that come from your transformation, we open up space for them to manifest in the material world.

What you may expect

The program is designed so that we focus on creating an internal state that you feel fully on board with and allow this to create the external results that match these vibes. This is what we will be calling from now on aligned manifestation and it will be the base for us to define your goals.
What this means is that by being fully engaged with your transformation process you may expect with certainty all of the following:

Clarity: answering the questions of “where am i?”, “where am I going?” and “how do I get there?”
Aligned action and results: action steps that move you from where you are towards what your intuition is calling you to go.
Discover your deepest self-sabotaging beliefs and topics.
Discover which areas of your life are calling for your attention, how are they manifesting in your body and life and how to use all of this to move forward in a fulfilling state.
Learn how to decode and express the messages from your intuitive and rebellious side.
Learn and embrace how to actively get into intuition mode and to create from that state.
Call in ancestral feminine line healing work to guide you through your process.
Transform your negative experiences into a source of abundance.
Evidence the impact of your transformation into your own regeneration and that of your external reality.

The structure of the program

The program is designed so that we focus on creating an internal state that you feel fully on board with and allow this to create the external results that match these vibes. This is what we will be calling from now on aligned manifestation.
What this means is that by being fully engaged with your transformation process you may expect with certainty all of the following:The goal of holistic coaching is that by working on one area of your life, we intentionally allow the changes to impact all of the other areas of it. As we mentioned before, everything is connected and any change, no matter how small will have a lot of influence in your entire life experience.

However, by focusing on one of the areas, we may leverage your experience, giving more energy and attention to the topics that currently present more of a challenge for you. If well, I can for sure say that this program will have a big impact on your life long-term, self-development and growth is an ongoing task that we have the chance to experience our entire life.
With this being said, I present to you the 5 big areas of life and a short insight into what the focus of the program on that one area is:

Health: the focus of this area is the alignment between all of your “bodies” for the betterment of your relationship with yourself that directly moves you into regeneration of your physical, mental and emotional well-being.
Career: in here we will focus on how to create alignment between your mind, body and soul, so that we can generate clarity, wisdom and self-actualization for you to manifest with joy at the service of the world.
Love and relationships: when focusing on love and relationships, we will work on your atonement to yourself as the source of connection to others. This way you will begin to see them as a reflection of your own and act out of coherence and love to yourself, which will spread in your most authentic and loving connection to others.
Money and resources: for the creation of wealth and abundance in all aspects of your life, we will focus on generating alignment with your internal reality at your highest states, so that you can see this manifested in the worth the world sees in you by simply being your authentic self.
That which is greater and spirituality: this is the area that focuses the most on the transcendent connection to life (divinity, God, universe, or however else you perceive it). In here we will work on the alignment of your entire being within and beyond yourself, in order for you to manifest life as an indivisible part of all creation, experiencing utmost trust and flow in that which is greater.

Phases of the program

The program consists of 3 phases, each of which emphasizes on a part of the manifestation process. However each session already works on all levels of manifestation: feelings & emotions, thoughts & beliefs, as well as actions & habit change.
Next you will find the description of each phase with the corresponding sessions:

-Phase 1.

Clarity and healthy bases

Goal: In this first phase we create clarity and build routines to strengthen your energy and attention, so you start developing the skills to sustain habit change at different levels in your body.

Session 1 Becoming aware of your reality shift.
Session 2 Building trust with your intuition.
Session 3 Honoring your intuitive messages and managing your energy.
Session 4 Embodying your desires.

-Phase 2.


Goal: Using the routines and skills built in phase 1, we then allow your inner blockages to deliver us their messages for your empowered transformation. We’ll up-cycle your challenges into gold!

Session 5 Embracing your holistic self (The messages your self-sabotaging side wants you to own).
Session 6 Enjoying who you aren’t supposed to be.
Session 7 Authenticity in stillness- Engaging your authentic holistic self in conscious creation.
Session 8 Welcoming life energy and connecting with your sacred feminine desire.

-Phase 3.

Aligned manifestation

Goal: Thanks to all the systems and clarity created so far, this phase is focused on allowing you to give the final touches to the manifestation of your goals, so you can enjoy the end result of Your Authentic Life’s Transformation!

Session 9 Tapping into your personal power and trusting your intuition to find gold in the shadows.
Session 10 Waking up to your new reality and living in coherence with your higher self.
Session 11 Embodying your regenerative nature and using your infinite source of energy with clarity for conscious manifestation.
Session 12 Opening the portal to your infinite manifesting self and answering the question “Who am I?”.

What to do next?

If you resonate with this and are curious to find out what the goals are that your intuition is calling you to achieve…

I invite you to join me in a free Channeling Your Authentic Life Session!

You will experience how it would feel like during our coaching time together. At the end of this call, you will discover with precise words and a roadmap where is it that you are longing to go to create Your Authentic Life.