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June 6, 2023

The Art of Holistic Coaching- Your path to an authentic life​

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Thank you for being here. It is my mission to open up space for you to feel safe, seen, nurtured and led with love.

It is my hope that through this journey you embody those words, so you can then cultivate more of that for yourself and others.

We all carry a history, passed down from thousands of generations of our ancestors…. Their worries, talents and struggles. Everything is stored in us, in our body. Stored in our conscious and subconscious minds. The things we like and dislike, what we do and say, as well as the things our bodies communicate in a silent and passive way.

When we move and live in the world, we experience the results of the collective consciousness. Especially in the current era, we realise we are all connected…Everything is, so that what one does and experiences (or not) directly impacts everyone and everything in our reality.

However, we live in times where we’ve learnt that there are certain “standards” of being. With globalization we’ve started to open ourselves to see and experience different realities, but also to homogenize them and accept a few particular ones as the correct ones. But nature is highly locally-attuned. This means that even while we learn and benefit from widening our perspective, we are also called to let nature speak through us. That is what we know as intuition.

Many of us have been intuitively getting the message that things in the world need to change… that WE need to change, but most especially, that we WANT to change.

And we would like to do this at a deeper level. We wish to feel that we are living the life we desire, instead of the one we were told would bring us happiness, or was simply available to us. In some cases, we might not even know what is it that we wish for, but we know we just need to do something in order to feel better.

Taking this path doesn’t mean that we need to reinvent the wheel. It just means we want to align our outer life with our deeper inner wishes, dreams and wonders from life. When we do this, life manifests in balance, health, fullfilment, strong and wonderful relationships (at a personal and community level), abundance, sense of purpose and a transcendent connection with life.

We all have everything we need inside of us to achieve our most authentic life… a life that feels free, peaceful, full of health, love and happiness.

Our work is to overcome the information overflow and emotional triggers that make it difficult for us to focus our attention on what we consciously wish for (our internal messages).

As with everything, it is about balance: the inner with the outer world, planning and doing, feeling and thinking, talking things out and moving into action.

The more we get to know ourselves and how we interact with the world around us, the more freedom, peace and joy we’ll be able to experience in life. This is how when we let life be, we can start receiving all its gifts.

Even when we are in some of our darkest moments, we may have the hope and trust that everything happens for the highest good of all, and that means YOURS TOO.

If we wish to experience a more harmonious and loving life, we need to connect with a higher consciousness and higher states of being. This means love, peace, joy, calm, freedom and gratitude as some examples. It doesn’t necessarily mean ignoring your feelings of frustration, anger, despair or fear…quite the opposite!

It’s all about acknowledging every feeling you have, in order to do the work of transforming them. There is no one else but ourselves, able of and responsible for doing this. But in the end, it’s here where the gold of our lives lies.

In conclusion my dear, I want to invite you to be the most courageous version of yourself and trust that it’s life who is living itself through us, so that when we allow it to flow freely and authentically, we may experience all its gifts in full depth, beauty and wonder.

Your holistic coaching journey starts here

Together we will work to integrate mind, body and soul.
In this space all of you is welcome! There is no right or wrong, because everything you are has a beautiful purpose.

Your mission: Trusting yourself and the process.
My mission: To hold you during the path and show you its purpose in your life.

You can choose from one of the options below to move in the direction of your well-being.


Single Coaching Sessions

If you are experiencing some challenges in your life that require some short-term support, like finding clarity or creating a desired vision for a specific situation, single holistic coaching sessions might be your way to go!

Single sessions consist of a 60-minute space for us to focus on anything and everything is coming up for you at the time.

Our goal is to have a safe, nurturing and spontaneous container for you to come as you are with your situation, so we can discover inspiring options together.

We have the option to meet online or in person, your pick!

Energy exchange: 100€ / 80€*

*Reduced rate for students and people in financial difficulties.


Coaching Program

„Your authentic life’s manifestation program“ is designed so that we focus on creating an internal state that you feel fully on board with and allow you to create the external results that match these vibes for any aspect of your life. This is what we call aligned manifestation.

The goal of holistic coaching is that by working on one area of your life, we intentionally allow the changes to impact all of the other areas of it. As we mentioned before, everything is connected and any change, no matter how small will have a lot of influence in your entire life experience.

However, by focusing on one of the areas, we may leverage your experience, giving more energy and attention to the topics that currently present more of a challenge for you.

These areas are: Career, Health, Relationships, Resources and Spiritual Connection.


Coaching Tools (Short Session)

Sometimes we just need a short power-boost! You can choose from one of the following tools to give you a quick stir-up that leaves you feeling light, energized and inspired:

  • Intuition Tapping
  • Emotional Brain Training
  • Woundology
  • Mental Rehearsing
  • Meditation
  • Laser Ecology Check
  • Appreciative Communication

These short sessions consist of a 30-minute online or in person space to give you that boost.

Energy exchange: 50€ / 40€*

*Reduced rate for students and people in financial difficulties.

Get Started Now

To figure out what it would feel like to work together, apply to the coaching program, obtain more information & book a free Channeling Your Authentic Life Session here!

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